The Project

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This project would not have been completed without the support and assistance of many people.

First and foremost we would like to thank the Commissioners of Irish Lights and in particular, Barry Phelan, who truly went above and beyond to assist us with this project and without whom it would not have been possible.

Our thanks also to Frank Pelly and Des Sharkey at the Baily Lighthouse archives, who provided us with a wealth of information and insight.

We are hugely grateful to our lecturers from the DCU school of Communications Mr. Karl Grimes, Dr. Declan Tuite, Dr. Liz Greene, Dr. Miriam Judge and Mr. William Tuke.

We would like to thank Damien Hickey for being extremely accommodating to us and allowing us to partially overtake his office for a time. Our gratitude also to Nicholas Codd and David O’ Callaghan for their support and assistance throughout. Our sincere thanks to Vincent Kidd & the staff of the Royal Valentia Hotel for their hospitality and support.

We would like to also express our sincerest gratitude to each of our parents: Eamon and Louise Murray, Peadar Ó Cúláin and Carol Kelleher, Fran Mulligan and Tina Ryan, Didier Lecoq and Pascaline du Chayla. Without your constant support we could never have made this project.

Finally, we would like to offer our warmest thanks to all of the former lightkeepers and attendants below who participated in and assisted us with our project. Your generosity in giving us your time, recounting your stories and in some instances opening up your homes and lighthouses to us, was beyond all of our expectations. It was a privilege to meet you all and record your story.

Supplementary sound effects provided by - See list of contributors.

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